KOOKOO Singvögel, the singing songbird wall clock

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  • every hour, one of 12 native birds sings their melody
  • original field recordings by Jean-Claude Roche (France)
  • hand painted illustrations by K. Mullarney (Ireland) and D. Zetterstöm (Sweden)
  • brochure with biological details "where and how they live"
  • quartz movement, light sensor
  • size 1.97x13.39x13.39, weight 1.68 lb (1.98 lb for wooden ring variant)
  • batteries: 3 x AA (not included)

The Original KOOKOO Songbird Clock

Are you looking for a truly classic clock to hang on your wall? But at the same time, you’d like something special? Then just listen to this: True to its name, which is the German word for “songbirds,” every hour the KOOKOO Singvögel sounds off with the voice of one of twelve European songbirds – from the blackbird to the woodlark. Recorded in the field by Jean-Claude Roché (France), the carefree singing of these birds will lift your heart, bringing an authentic piece of nature into your home. When darkness falls, a built-in light sensor automatically tells the entire flock that it’s time to pipe down for the night. 

The lovingly designed clockface features colourful and faithfully rendered illustrations by renowned bird artists Kilian Mullarney (Ireland) and Dan Zetterström (Sweden). It’s no wonder that this charming birdsong clock is not only highly popular with adults, but with kids as well. Children in particular get a fun introduction to our fine feathered friends and learn to identify the songs of birds they hear in the great outdoors. More fascinating details about the special characteristics, songs, and habitats of the twelve featured European songbirds can be found in the leaflet, “Where and how they live” that comes with the clock. 

KOOKOO Singvögel comes in eight different frame colours and is available with a chrome or wooden frame. 

Songs of twelve European songbirds (pre-set sequence): blackbird – song thrush – blackcap – garden warbler – robin – nightingale – bluethroat – common redstart – collared flycatcher – willow warbler – woodlark – golden oriole

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Nancy Vincent
    A beautiful clock

    The clock is quiet in that I have yet to set the singing part. My old bird clock ticked the seconds, and with this new clock, I appreciate the silence. I will set the birds to singing soon, as I want to learn the songs of European birds.I am very happy with my new clock!

    Mari Oxentenko
    Love these birdsongs

    KooKoo hourly birdsongs are so melodious and last for 40-60 seconds. I love this clock!

    Judith Williams
    Songbird Wall Clock Review

    I am very impressed by the quality of the audio and the artistic rendering of the various songbirds. I do wish that the birds were identified on the clock itself but realize that you deal with numerous languages.

    Janice Duzac
    🥰 I love it. The bird sounds are beautiful!

    Beautiful clock

    Diemut Daub

    Since you ask: Actually it was the wrong clock that was delivered to our son, NOT the one with the songbirds but the one with the farm animals! Also, the frame was NOT in the color I ordered (and which was confirmed: cream yellow) but dark green and black and not very friendly for a child's room... I love the clock with the songbirds, which has been hanging in our kitchen for about 10 years, and that was the one our granddaughter loved when she visited us here (in Germany)!