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  • USB-C power supply, 2 h charging time
  • Li-Ion battery for 6-10 hours operating time
  • 3 brightness levels: 100%, 75%, 35%
  • 0.3 Watt LED, warm white light (2700K)
  • Design by Take Kaneko, Japan

*the battery running time depends on the light intensity setting and is (after a full charge, LED = green): aprox. 4 hours (at light intensity level 1 = 100%), aprox. 7 hours (at light intensity level 2 = 50%) and aprox. 20 hours (at light intensity level 3 = 30%).

when switching off, the LED light goes into "stand-by" mode. This consumes approx. 15% battery power/week. It is recommended to recharge the light "more often".

Designer T-light

The stationary light source was yesterday, the future belongs to the mobile lighting concept. The KooKoo T-Light XL series convinces with its minimalistic language and clear design.

The battery-operated lights set great accents in rooms. They are similar to and about twice the size of the small mini-series by Japanese designer Take Kaneko. They are suitable as reading or night lights, as decorative light sources for the sideboard or on a shelf. 

The delicate cordless lamps are an elegant accent on a beautifully decorated table, at home, in a restaurant or a café. The "Café" model has a classic shade design and creates a delicate ambient light. The "Lounge" model has a flat light body, perfect for soft surface or table lighting. The brightness of the particularly energy-saving LEDs can be adjusted in 2 steps.  

MoriMori T-Light XL – modern design LED table lamp, 3 brightness levels

“Café”:      room light, height: 27,8cm, 200 gr.

“Lounge”: downward light, height: 22.5cm, 178 gr.

MoriMori T-Light mini - sleek design LED table lamp, 3 brightness levels

“Café”:       room light, height: 12cm, 190 gr.

“Lounge”:  downward light, height: 7cm, 170 gr.

You can find the instruction manual here.


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