For Kids

Welcome to our collection of clocks designed for kids! At KooKoo US, we understand how important it is to have a clock that not only wakes up your child on time, but also adds a fun and playful touch to their room.

Our selection of kids' clocks includes cuckoo clocks with adorable designs, alarm clocks with animal sounds, and wall clocks with different themes. Whether your child loves farm animals, wild animals, or just wants a cute and functional clock, we have something for everyone.

Our kids' alarm clocks are designed to wake up your child calmly with soothing sounds. From chirping birds to mooing cows, our alarm clocks will help your child start their day in a positive way. And with easy-to-use features, even the youngest kids can set their own alarms.

We also have a variety of wall clocks that will add a touch of color and fun to any room. From bright and bold designs to subtle and calming ones, our wall clocks come in different sizes and shapes to suit your child's needs.

At KooKoo US, we believe that waking up should be a fun and enjoyable experience for kids. That's why we've created a collection of clocks that are not only functional but also playful and entertaining. Shop our collection today and give your child the gift of a good morning!

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KOOKOO KinderLieder, twelve melodies on original flute and zither
Sold Out
KOOKOO AnimalHouse, with 5 farm animals, field recordings from nature
KOOKOO KidsAlarm, including 5 magnetic animals (field recordings)
KOOKOO KidsWorld, with 12 farm animal voices (original field recordings)
KOOKOO UltraFlat, modern designed bird clock
KOOKOO BirdHouse mini, wall clock with 12 natural bird field recordings or cuckoo
KOOKOO RedBarn, farm house clock including 12 farm animals and a rooster
KOOKOO Stille Nacht, Christmas clock
KOOKOO EarlyBird, birdsong alarm clock
KOOKOO BirdHouse, modern design wall clock with cuckoo or 12 natural bird voices (field recordings)