Alarm Clocks for Kids

Listen to nature! The KooKoo alarm clocks enchant both adults and children! 

The clocks have a high level of functionality and a three-level crescendo function. The voices recorded in nature are emotionally appealing and gently wake you up. Adults are woken up by a bird's voice, children by a rooster: just like on a real farm. The idea of starting the day with soothing sounds such as chirping birds or a trumpeting elephant is particularly beautiful and can help to start the day on a positive note. The fact that the clocks are easy to use is another plus point. KidsAlarm allows children to independently set the alarm, select the animal voice, determine the magnetic animal (independent of the voice) and thus get used to being in charge of their time. The EarlyBird alarm clock has 4 bird sounds and a gong to choose from. It is obvious that a lot of attention to detail and joy has gone into the design of these clocks. They seem like a wonderful addition to any child's room and make waking up a fun and enjoyable experience.

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KOOKOO KidsAlarm kids cuckoo clock, including 5 magnetic animals (field recordings)
KOOKOO EarlyBird, bird song alarm clock