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KOOKOO EarlyBird, birdsong alarm clock
KOOKOO KinderLieder, twelve melodies on original flute and zither
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KOOKOO Singvögel, the singing songbird wall clock
KOOKOO RedBarn, farm house clock including 12 farm animals and a rooster
KOOKOO Stille Nacht, Christmas clock
KOOKOO Tree, songbirdclock with 12 genuine field recordings and cuckoo
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KOOKOO KidsAlarm, including 5 magnetic animals (field recordings)
KOOKOO BirdHouse mini, wall clock with 12 natural bird field recordings or cuckoo
KOOKOO UltraFlat, modern designed bird clock
KOOKOO BirdHouse, modern design wall clock with cuckoo or 12 natural bird voices (field recordings)
KOOKOO KidsWorld, with 12 farm animal voices (original field recordings)