Our Story

KooKoo GmbH founded by Edgar Michahelles in 2001 

"As a constant seeker, I was struck by an idea. It was like an epiphany, because the technology already existed, I just had to make the connection to the songbirds."  This is what Edgar Michahelles says about himself when he thinks back to the idea and the founding of his company. 

To hear the time 

KooKoo founder Edgar came up with the idea to hear the time when, at the turn of the millennium, he felt the need to do something that could be traced back to him alone, "to start a project of the heart, so to speak!" Until then, the industrial engineer (University of Hamburg 1983-1989) had worked successfully for large companies: Toshiba Europe in Neuss, BellSouth in São Paulo and Siemens AG in Munich. 

For the 62-year-old, who was born in Rio de Janeiro and commuted back and forth between Brazil and Germany for a long time, this turning point in his life proved to be a stroke of luck.  

The Portfolio 

KooKoo is best known for its songbird clocks: every hour on the hour, one of 12 native songbirds chirps or a cuckoo makes itself heard. A light sensor ensures that the peeps go into their nests at night and keep their beaks shut.. For children, KooKoo offers watches and alarm clocks in a child-friendly design. The KidsAlarm model is popular: the kids decide which animal they want to be woken up by - a dog, cat, cockerel, elephant or pig. The EarlyBird bird alarm clock, on the other hand, can be set to the crowing of a rooster on a farm, a mystical raven, an oriole or a blackbird. The MoriMori brand was integrated into the product portfolio in 2022. 

Fast shipping, good customer service 

KooKoo clocks and alarm clocks can now be found in many households around the world. Edgar Michahelles keeps telling himself: keep it small and simple, focus on less, "one brand" and a limited, clearly organised number of items.  He is proud of the perfected logistics processes. “Orders are picked ready for dispatch in the warehouse and handed over to the carrier the next day.” Customer service is also a top priority. “Callers are put directly through to a KooKoo employee, who answers questions competently and provides further assistance.”  

KooKoo is based in Hallbergmoos near Munich Airport. The warehouse and logistics are located in Germany (Augsburg) and in the USA (Las Vegas).