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  • LED light with dimmer
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Up to 10 hours operating time with one battery charge*
  • charge via USB cable (included)
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Dimensions: Ø 110 x 270mm

*when switching off, the LED light goes into "stand-by" mode. This consumes approx. 15% battery power/week. It is recommended to recharge the light "more often".

Design LED lantern with Bluetooth Loudspeaker 

Retro style meets high-tech with superior performance: when the blue hour slowly turns into night and the twilight decelerates the world, the KooKoo MoriMori lamp bathes your favorite place in a warm, comforting light. You determine the brightness with the infinitely variable dimmer. Enjoy romantic outdoor hours at the lake, camping, on the terrace or let the day end relaxing on the balcony or in the living room. Whether indoors or outdoors, in the light of this lamp coziness and outdoor romance are guaranteed, also perfectly suited as bedside or table lamp. The ingenious detail: thanks to Bluetooth and integrated speaker, your own soundtrack is always with you.

Functionally elegant look of a classic gas lamp combined with the latest technology makes the KooKoo MoriMori lamp particularly charming. It is available in 7 attractive colors and is an absolute eye-catcher as an outdoor or home accessory. The battery can be easily charged via a USB interface and ensures an operating time of up to 10 hours. Thanks to LED technology, the dimmable light is particularly power-saving and splash-proof. The built-in speaker connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone or Tablet: pure music and sound enjoyment, without cables.

A suspension bracket and a satin glass element are available as accessories.
Design by MoriMori


“What are the advantages of wireless Bluetooth LED lanterns?”

Portability: LED lantern speakers are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them highly portable. You can easily carry them during outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or picnics.

Energy Efficiency: LED lights are known for their energy efficiency. LED lantern speakers consume less power compared to traditional lighting sources, making them ideal for extended use without draining the battery quickly.

Long Battery Life: LED lantern speakers typically have long-lasting batteries that can provide hours of continuous audio playback and lighting. This feature is particularly useful during extended outdoor trips or power outages.

Wireless Connectivity: LED lantern speakers often come with wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth. This enables you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly and stream audio without the hassle of cables.

Durability: LED lantern speakers are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are often built with rugged materials, making them resistant to water, dust, and impact. This durability ensures that they can withstand rough handling and harsh environments.

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