KOOKOO Tree, songbirdclock with 12 genuine field recordings and cuckoo

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  • One of 12 songs every hour on the hour
  • With light sensor
  • Quartz movement
  • 5 mm glass pane, size: 2.95x 14.37x 14.17 inch, weight 2.93 lb
  • Batteries: 3 x 1.5V AA not included

A rare bird indeed – a flat, modern birdsong clock.

KOOKOO Tree offers the best of both worlds. Its quality workmanship adds elegance to any setting and unites the virtues of the classic, round songbird clock with the charm of modern design. The silhouette of a majestic tree appears on an oval pane of glass. Its lush crown of abundant foliage has an air of mystery. And indeed, there is something hidden among the branches: a solitary bird. 

Screen printed on the back of the transparent glass oval, the black tree motif of KOOKOO Tree casts a subtle shadow on the wall behind the clock. 

The cool surface of the wall clock contrasts beautifully with the warm voices of the twelve European songbirds who warble for around ten seconds at the top of each hour. Or if you prefer, you can set the clock to sound the hour with the classic call of the cuckoo. The birdsongs are all authentic nature recordings made by ornithologist and bioacoustics researcher Jean-Claude Roché (France). A light sensor ensures that silence reigns once darkness falls in the room.

Fascinating details about the special characteristics, songs, and habitats of the twelve featured European songbirds can be found in the leaflet, “Where and how they live” that comes with the clock.

Designed by Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona

Songs of twelve European songbirds (pre-set sequence): blackbird – song thrush – blackcap – garden warbler – robin – nightingale – bluethroat – common redstart – collared flycatcher – willow warbler – woodlark – golden oriole; or just the call of the cuckoo 1 to 12 times.

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Product videos:

  1. All bird sounds