KOOKOO BirdHouse, modern design wall clock with cuckoo or 12 natural bird voices (field recordings)

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SKU: BH1002W
  • Quartz movement
  • Light sensor
  • Incl. 4 coloured magnetic birds and pendulum discs
  • Size 4.13x 10.83x 10.83 inch , weight 2.2 lb
  • Batteries: 3x LR14 / C-cell (not included)

Cuckoo clock meets modern design.

KOOKOO has revamped the traditional Cuckoo clock to give it contemporary new look. This sleek and understated timepiece is available in black, white and four limited-edition colours. Providing a quirky contrast, four different birds and pendulum disks in stylish colours are easy to swap and can be combined however you like. But does a Cuckoo clock always have to be a wall clock? Not this one. Simply unhook the pendulum and put your BirdHouse on a shelf or give it another home in your living room.

We bring the sounds of nature right into your home. Every full hour, the tiny bird peeps out of the door and warbles its melody for that time of day. Each hour you’ll enjoy the voice of a European songbird, one of twelve authentic birdsongs recorded in the field – or, alternatively, the call of the cuckoo. And of course you can adjust the volume to suit your preferences. Just as in real life, the birds in the KOOKOO BirdHouse go to sleep at night. A build-in light sensor ensures that peace and quiet reign after dark. 

BirdHouse designed by Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona

BirdHouse limited edition colours by Maia Ming Designs, Barcelona

 Songs of twelve European songbirds (pre-set sequence): blackbird – song thrush – blackcap – garden warbler – robin – nightingale – bluethroat – common redstart – collared flycatcher – willow warbler – woodlark – golden oriole; or the call of the cuckoo 1 to 12 times.

    Please note: This clock contains small parts and is not suitable for children under the age of five.

    View the product manual here.

    Product videos:

    1. All Editions and Songbirds
    2. Bird slide, voice select and volume control
    3. Store and change bird
    4. BirdHouse vs BirdHouse mini
    5. Limited Edition Red

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews

    My pendulum is a bit pathetic. It doesn’t move from side to side anymore. 🥺

    Jayne Gryzlo
    So cute

    It is super cute!! However I thought it would be a little sturdier for the price that I paid for it Seems to work well so far, have only had it two days.

    Noreen Richard
    Koo koo

    I was surprised there was no Roman numerals, or a choice of what kind of face to put on the clock of numbers. It was kind of weird looking I think on the face. I did not like the shiny dots. It ruin the primitive look of the clock. Those should be omitted four time. Look. As for it looking modern, I’m not too sure yet. It Hass to grow on me I guess. I expected something a little more nor as long looking. It is a nice clock in the workmanship is exquisite. Maybe there could be some variations of the same kind of clock. I also noticed the table talk clock that you had and there are others with numbers on it but this when I was sent, I didn’t have a choice of numbers for the face of it. Maybe I could bring it somewhere and have the Roman numerals put on it and have the dark shiny dots taken off. I don’t like the shiny dots. It would still look modern, even with Roman numerals on it just by the shape of the clock in the style of hands in the pendulum. The little round door that opens up is also modern, looking as opposed to other clocks from the past. It’s just my suggestion in my thinking that’s all. Thank you for a nice clock and I do appreciate the clock.

    We have started a Koo Koo Club

    Once my sister received her Koo Koo she bought me one for my birthday in March, we now give them as birthday gifts and chip in on the cost, the clock is so contemporary and the little changes that can be made are easy. Our next clock is going to be the black one for may niece in her new house. We love Koo Koo ! I hope you come out with a small birdbath that fits on the railing of a porch,

    wendy simone
    Family favorite

    My middle daughter bought your clock and my other two daughters loved it! Soooo for their birthdays we bought them each their own clock! Very soft and sweet clock.